"There is not a good Acoustics, but Right Acosutics"

This is the starting point with which WS works.
Because every space is different, every case a particular case and environment, specific.
For that, our tasks are looking for solutions, designs and strategies most appropriated to each project.

Our purpose is to provide the optimum acosutics to each hall and for this, we are involved on the project from the very first time, designing with Architecture forms and materials.
We care not just internal acoustics, but sound isoaltion and acosutic noise control from machinery.
Our SERVICES include projects for
  • Auditory
  • Theater
  • Opera
  • Multifunction Halls
  • Congresual Palace
  • Cinema

Through their professional experience, WS employees have been involved in the major Auditorios, Theaters and Culture Centers in Spain and U.E., all of them great and high quality buildings.
New atelier for the fabrication of Church Organs, El Papiol.
Gerhard Grenzing S.A.
The mounting space may be sound like a Church, but the working spaces must be quite and peaceful.
Center of Scenic Arts AYATS, Arbúcies
Theater and multipurpose Center
2350 m2

Fhilarmonie Szczecin, Poland
EBV Arch.
Concert Hall
10500 m3, 1143 seats
Auditorium of Águilas, Spain
EBV Arch.
5897 m3, 750 seats
DHub Barcelona, Spain
MBM Arch.
Museum and Auditorium
2920 m3, 340 seats

La Llotja de Lleida, Spain
Mecanoo Arch.
Opera Hall
6540 m3, 1000 seats
CICCM Madrid, Spain
Mansilla y Tuñón Arch.
International Convention Center
56892 m3, 5550 seats
MAST Bologna, Italy
Labics Arch.
A Manufactory for Arts, Experience and Technology
2770 m3, 408 seats

Centro Municipal de Exposiciones y Congresos de Ávila, Spain
Mangado Arch.
Conference Hall.
13380 m3, 1510 seats
Teatre-Auditori Cambrils, Spain
Sanabria & Ass. Arch.
Theater and Auditorium
6117 m3, 637 seats
Palacio de Congresos Zaragoza
Nieto y Sobejano Arch.
Congresual palace inagurated in Expo'08
10994 m3, 1450 seats

Teatro Leal, Tenerife, Spain
P. Domínguez Arch.
3591 m3, 615 seats
Complex Montcada Aqua, Spain
Hernando i Sauqué Arch.
Multifunction hall
3670 m3, 430 seats
Centre de Congresos d'Andorra, Andorra
Aixàs Arch.
Congresual palace with Virtual Acoustics
4480 m3, 900 seats

CREAA Centro de Creación de las Artes, Spain
Bustamante & Camacho Arch.
Auditorium, Configurable Theater , Circus, Music academy
12358 m3, 1421 seats / 4664 m3, 460 seats
Conservatorio Ávila, Spain
P.Gonzalez Arch.
Music Academy
2696 m3, 348 seats
Centro Federico Garcia Lorca, Spain
MX-SI Arch.
Music and Theater
2303 m3, 400 seats

Teatro Constantino Nery, Portugal
S. Fernandez Arch.
1962 m3, 240 seats
Conservatorio Córdoba, Spain
de la Vega, Oria Arch.
Music Academy
2400 m3, 325 seats
Els Costals espai de Cultura, Spain
M & P Arch.
2828 m3, 384 seats

Ciudad del Flamenco, Spain
Herzog & de Meuron Arch.
5241 m3, 780 seats
Salón de actos Sala del Cordón, Spain
Arrieta & Escribano Arch.
2071 m3, 344 seats
Centre Cultural La Roca del Vallès, Spain
Egea & Clarimón Arch.
1635 m3, 324 seats

Centre de Convencions PortAventura, Spain

Convention center
13000 m2, 3000 seats
CaixaForum Girona, Spain
MiAG Arch.
Exposition and multifunctional Auditorio
879 m3, 196 seats
Hotel Golden River PortAventura, Spain


Sala Auditori Parlament de Catalunya, Spain
Meetings and Multifunction
3876 m3, 276 seats
Sala Albert Camús, Sant Lluís, Spain
Gomila & Enrich Arch.
Theater, Music
857 m3, 200 seats
Aeropuerto Alicante, Spain

Auditorio Municipal de Lucena, Spain
MX-SI Arch.
Theater, Music
5079 m3, 701 seats
Escola de música Can Trinxet, Spain
Music academy and auditorium
1632 m3, 228 seats
Palacio de Congresos El Greco, Spain
Moneo Arch.
Theater, Music
8644 m3, 999 seats

Auditori Josep Irla Generalitat de Catalunya Girona, Spain

2791 m3
Casa de la Música Gandia, Spain
Miralles- Tagliabue Arch.
Music academy and auditorium
2736 m3, 354 seats
Auditorio y Biblioteca de Irún, Spain
Uzcanga Arch.
Auditorium, Chamber hall, Biblioteca
6868 m3, 806 seats / 750 m3, 130 seats

Eix Macià FGC, Spain
UTE Tunel
Vibration control
Isolation beetwen school-underground
Casa de la Cultura Girona, Spain
Mercadé & Fernandez Arch.
Expo, Biblio, Music academy, Auditorium
Auditoriu Viader: 2883 m3, 159 seats
Conference building ESA, Spain
Offices and conference hall
European Space Agency

Fundiciones Òdena S.A.
Exterior Noise contamination
Heavy Industry noise corrections
Nuevo Estadio San Mamés, Spain
Football Stadium
Horizontal structures analysis
Bibliotheque Arabo-Sud-Americane, Algeria
Niemeyer Arch.
Biblio, Theater, Conference
6242 m3, 928 seats

Acoustic Consultant Services

Our task begins as the project creation process starts.
A constant dialogue with Architecture and Engeenering enable us to provide our proposals, ideas and recomendations at the very begining, improving the integration of all elements into a good acoustic enviroment. The involvement of consultancy acoustic covers all areas, from the

project redaction



and ends with a

final measurements

used to characterize the acoustics, checking the compliance with the objectives that have been demanded.
Jordi Oliver is the founder of WS.
His experience of over 10 years has allowed to participate in the drafting of major concert halls, theaters and Opera, both Spain and the EU, Africa and America.


graduate, he complemented his studies of fundamental physics and geophysics with specific

Architectural Acoustics

After completing a DEA on earthquake prediction and make studies of materials for their suitability to standard noise, he starts to work at the studio of Dr. Higini Arau, which since 2004 has developed his professional career. The work on this prestigious office has put him in contact with the largest architecture firms in the world and has participated in the drafting of important concert halls, conference centers and other public works. Working alongside Dr. Arau, has formed in the innermost secrets of acoustics, learning to determine the needs, problems and solutions to different types of rooms.
His constant contact with the world of music and Masters organ builders Gerhard Grenzing SA, of which is its external acoustic consultant since 1998, have brought a special musical sensitivity that make it closer to the world of concert halls .

Measurement tools

  • WinMLS
  • SONOMETRY TYPE I, Brüel & Kjaer


  • LMS Raynoise
  • Acústic Sales
  • CadnaA


  • Insul
  • dB Insul
  • dB Noise
  • dB Air
  • dB Road
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